Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Murder Squad - Unsane, Insane And Mentally Deranged

Unsane, Insane And Mentally Deranged is the first album by the band Murder Squad from Stockholm, Sweden. This band plays pretty brutal Death Metal, which is quite influenced by Autopsy.
The four bandmembers have earned a lot of credits in the Swedish Death Metal scene. Two of them are Uffe Cederlund and Peter Stjärnvind (ex-Entombed).

More about Murder Squad here and here.

Murder Squad - Unsane, Insane And Mentally Deranged (2001)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

History Of Things To Come

History Of Things To Come is a compilation album with obscure bands from the early nineties. This album contains eleven bands which play Thrash, Death and Experimental Metal.

Various Artists - History Of Things To Come (1994)


1 . Shockwerks - History Introduction
2 . Dr. Shrinker - Germ Farm
3 . Bloodless - Necrotic Visions
4 . Bloodless - Silence Of Darkness
5 . Expulsion - Let The Raven Fly
6 . Num Skull - Future: Our Terror?
7 . Num Skull - Spill You Guts
8 . Phantasm - Heavier Than Hell
9 . Matricide - Warrior Of The 7Th Domain
10 . Matricide - Matricide
11 . Prime Evil - Artificial Intelligence
12 . Prime Evil - Redemption
13 . Mortal Dread - Cadaver A La Carte
14 . Shockwerks - Advanced Evolution
15 . Shockwerks - Disruptive
16 . Iron Warrior - Malign Spirits/Legend Of A Ghost

Monday, December 27, 2010

Vestiges - The Descent Of Man

Vestiges is a trio from the U.S.A. and The Descent Of Man is their debut album. This album begins quietly with a nice intro. The song after that begins also quietly and suddenly hell breaks loose! A mix of Hardcore, Black Metal, Crust, Screamo and Post-Rock influences hits you right in your face!
This album contains seven tracks (Intro, song I till V and Outro) that are filled with anger and despair. These guys did an excellent job with this album. The sound is right and all instruments are in balance. The vocals are making almost me afraid. This guy has an awesome throat. This voice goes truly through your bones!
Vestiges has released this impressive album at the tenth day of the tenth month in year ten and it is an display of heaviness, brutality and also sadness.

Learn more about Vestiges here, here, here, and here.

Vestiges - The Descent Of Man (2010)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thaw - Decay

Thaw is a Black Metal band from Poland. Their music is also mixed with styles as Drone, Experimental, Industrial and Noise.
The debut album Decay sounds pretty good!

Check Thaw on MySpace.

Thaw - Decay (2010)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Voivod - Dimension Hatröss

Voivod was a Thrash Metal band from Quebec, Canada. Dimension Hatröss was their fourth album and in my opinion the best one! With this album Voivod was more experimental and even psychedelic.
My favorite songs of Dimension Hatröss are: Experiment, Technocratic Manipulators, Macrosolutions To Megaproblems and Psychic Vacuum.
After Dimension Hatröss, Voivod made several album until guitar player Denis "Piggy" D'Amour died of cancer in 2005.

Visit Voivod
here and here.

Voivod - Dimension Hatröss (1988)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bilox - World War III

Bilox was a Brutal Death metal band from The Hague, Holland. This band had a short existence from 2002 till 2004. World War III was their only release. This album is somehow strange, almost all the songs are twice on this album. There are versions of the songs with or without samples. I've never seen such thing! Still, World War III is a recommendable Death Metal album!
It's hard to find information about Bilox. It's not much, but you can read something here.

Bilox - World War III (2004)

HateLife MMX Summer Comp (2010)

This compilation from the French label Throatruiner Records contains 27 tracks of Hardcore, Crust, Screamo, Grind, Sludge, Doom Noise and Black Metal. All these songs sound quite alright. So if you are interested in over two hours of Heaviness, then you should check out this sampler!

Visit Throatruiner Records here and here.

HateLife MMX Summer Comp (2010)


1 - Anorak "Some Skirts"
2 - Arms Of Ra "Pyramids"
3 - Art Of Burning Water "Only Chocking"
4 - As We Draw "Way Down"
5 - Birds In Row "Orange Disease"
6 - Bloodkitt "Void Woods, Skin Roads"
7 - Bone Dance "Birds Singing"
8 - Celeste "Il Y A Bien Des Porcs Que Ca Ferait Bander De T'étouffer"
9 - Chère Catastrophe "Party Time"
10 - Danishmendt "Chutes"
11 - Dreams Of The Drowned "Liquids Of Apathy"
12 - Elitist "Back To The Funeral"
13 - Exilym "Man Never Went To The Moon"
14 - Hky "Monument Inversion"
15 - Huata "Alchemist Reborn"
16 - Mygirlfriendisawatermelon "You Should Try"
17 - Nesseria "Par Pertes Et Profits"
18 - Pigeon "Anchorite"
19 - Plebeian Grandstand "Ordo Ab Chao"
20 - Pretty Mary Dies "To The Bomb"
21 - Quartier Rouge "Douche Dorée"
22 - Reno "Is This A Turning Point Or Just The End?"
23 - Rqtn "N3"
24 - Sickbag "Scar Manifesto"
25 - Stuntman "Draw The Portrait"
26 - Totorro "My Bob's Blue Eye"
27 - Xnoybis "Picardian Fight Song"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dismember - Death Metal

Entombed and Dismember are the standard bearers of the Stockholm Death Metal scene. Where Entombed did change their sound more towards the Death 'n' Roll, Dismember sticked to their original sound. Their album called Death Metal from 1997 does do justice to the title. The album contains twelve awesome tracks. My favorite songs are Trendkiller and Let The Napalm Rain. There is only one point of criticism: The album does not blast from my speakers, it is recorded or mixed too soft. I did expect more of the producing work of Fred Estby. Still it is a great album!

Dismember - Death Metal (1997)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Coram Lethe - ....A Splendid Chaos

Fantastic melodic Death/Thrash from Italy, with some technical aspects.

The vocals are mostly screams, combined with grunts. The vocalist puts a lot of emotions in the way he sings; you can feel his agony and anger!

Go here for

Coram Lethe - ....A Splendid Chaos (2009)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

At War - Infidel

At War is a Thrash/Death band from Virginia Beach, U.S.A. This band was formed in 1983 and released their full-length album in 1986. The album Infidel is their third album, so you can say At War is not such a productive band. Infidel is considered an average album. I disagree with that statement. I think it is a great album. It contain nine awesome songs about war (One of my favorite themes).
Infidel does not deserve the prize for originality, but it is a great album by a first class band!

At War - Infidel (2009)